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place to visit in Amphawa

King Rama ll Memorial Park
This park was built under the project to honor King Rama II, run by the King Rama II Phraboromrachanusorn Foundation under royal patronage. It is built to commemorate his great patron to the arts and culture, which become a national heritage. Phra Rajsamutmatee, the abbot of Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram, offered the area of 11 Rais (4.4 acres) for the construction of the park. This area was very important because it was a royal birthplace King Rama II.

Khai Bang Kung
Bang Kung Camp is located at Mu 4, Tambon Bang Kung. When arriving at the camp site, visitors will firstly see an imitation wall built in memory of the battle. Here is a historic navy camp site. Following the second defeat of the Ayutthaya kingdom in 1767, King Taksin the Great moved the naval force to set up camp in the district of Bang Kung since Mueang Mae Klong (the city of Mae Klong) was in the way used by the Burmese army.canada goose kensington parka A wall was built to make Wat Bang Kung be in the middle of the camp as a spirit centre for soldiers.

Church of the Virgin Mary
This church is located at Mu 7, Tambon Bang Nok Khwaek. The church is a holy worshipping place for Christian families living around the area. It was constructed in 1890 A.D. by Father Paolo Salmone, a French Missionary. The construction of the church took 6 years. Built in French Gothic architectural style. The windows are decorated with stained glass. Within the church, there is a Statue, a pulpit, a holy water basin, various kinds of candelabra, and carvings depicting various historical points in the Bible.

Railway Market
More than 6 decades, the sellers at the railway market sell their products alongside the railway track. The train is scheduled to pass the market 8 times a day. Please check the schedule before you visit the place.

Boat Tours
From Amphawa, visitors could travel by boat to see scenic views of Mae Klong riverside. Along the banks of the Mae Klong, there are coconut groves and ancient style Thai houses, which are rare nowadays, in the areas of Tambon Kwae Om and Tambon Muang Mai. The adjacent areas of Amphoe Amphawa and Amphoe Bang Khonthi feature lychee orchards. The lychee contest is held yearly from April to May.

The Bencharong House
The Bencharong House is located on Samut Songkhram – Bang Phae Road. This is where beautiful Bencharong crockery that represents the exquisite craftsmanship and the beauty of Thai Art, are produced. The Bancharong crockery is suitable for household use as well as for house decoration. Visitors could see the Bencharong crockery production process.

Tao Tan
Sugar palm is a famous quality product of Samut Songkhram. When a coconut tree is about 3-4 years old, its spadices are cut, so that farmers can collect its sweet sap, they simmer it over a fire until it becomes brown and dry. A place where palm sugar is made is called “Tao Tan”. There are some 5 Tao Tans situated between Km. 30-32 on Route no. 325, that are open to tourists.

Don Hoi Lod
This famous tourist attraction of Samut Songkhram is a bar on the mouth of the Mae Klong River. It was formed by the sedimentation of sandy soil called by villagers here as ‘Sai Khi Pet.’ The bar of 3 km wide and 5 km long covers two zones: Don Nok is on the mouth of Ao Mae Klong, accessible by boat; and Don Nai is located on the beach of the Chuchi village in Tambon Bang Chakreng and on the beach of the Bang Bo village in Tambon Bang Kaeo, accessible by car. In the area of the bar, there are many shellfish, such as Hoi Lot (razor clam), Hoi Lai (undulated surf clam), Hoi Puk (Ridged Venus clam), Hoi Pak Pet (tongue shell), Hoi Khraeng (cockle), etc. Hoi Lot is mostly found here and it has become a landmark of this place.

Night Boat Trip to See Fireflies
 A boat trip to see the area’s famous fireflies is very popular activities at night. Some people referred to this as memorable scene as ‘Asian Christmas Tree’. The best season to see fireflies is June-October. Staying @ asita resort you will be able to see hundreds of Fireflies just in front of the resort.