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temples in amphawa

Wat Bang Khae Noi   
Wat Bang Khae Noi is located in Tambon Khwae Om by the Mae Klong River. This temple was built by Khunying Chui (Noi) Wongsarot in 1868. Initially, the Ubosot (ordination hall) was built on the bamboo raft tied to a Bodhi tree on the river bank. At present, the temple is well restored. The most interesting thing is the ordination hall’s inside walls which are woodcarvings depicting the Lord Buddha’s history, birth, enlightenment, and nirvana, as well as stories of the Lord Buddha’s Ten Incarnations or Jatakas. The beautiful and explicit design was made by craftsmen from Phetchaburi province where woodcarving is famous.

Wat Bang Kaphom
Wat Bang Kaphom is located between Km 37-38 on Highway 325 (Samut Songkhram – Bang Phae). This ancient temple was built in the late Ayutthaya period. The old Wihan (image hall) is very interesting. On the upper part of the walls, there are unusual mural paintings in the form of stucco reliefs depicting the Lord Buddha’s history. On the lower part of the walls, there are niches with Buddha images inside. In the centre of the hall, a large replica of four superimposing Buddha’s footprints in different sizes is enshrined. It was presumed that the footprints were built in the Thon Buri period. Initially, they were covered by silver sheets which were later stolen during a war. The footprint at the deepest level which is made from mother-of-pearl-inlaid wood still retains its beautiful design. On the temple grounds, a small coffee shop offers traditional tasty tea and coffee.

Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram
Wat Amphawan Chetiyaram is located near King Rama II Memorial Park. This temple belongs to the Bang Chang family. It was constructed by Princess Phrarubsirisopharkmahanaknari, the mother of Queen Amarintharamat. The area behind this temple was the residence of Luang Yokkrabat and Khun Nak. It is believed that area about the position of the chedi at present of Wat Amphawan is the place where Khun Nak gave birth to a son (Khun Chim) who later became King Rama II.

Wat Sathatham 
Wat Sathatham is located at Tambon Bang Cha Kreng. The temple is made from
golden teak wood and the inner walls are set with pearl-inlay. It was built in the year 2535 B.E. (1982) by Phra Khru Samutvisutthiwong, the former abbot. Inside the main building, Ubosot, there are paintings depicting Buddha’s life, paintings about the Ramayana epic, painting of famous monks. The temple is highly revered by the people of Samut Songkhram and people of neighboring provinces.

Wat Charoen Sukharam Worawihan
Wat Charoen Sukharam Worawihan and Fish Sanctuary are located at Bang Nok Khwaek and about 4 Kilometers from Amphoe Muang. Luang Pho Toa Buddha image, which is highly windows 10 free download revered by people, is enshrined in the main building (Ubosot). The body of the Buddha image is made of laterite and cast in the attitude of Subduing Mara of Sukhothai period style. Measuring 178 cms. wide at the lap and 208 cms. high from the base to the tip of the tonsure. In front of the temple, there are various kinds of fish in the stream, especially silver and red-tail tinfoil barbs. To get there, take the Samut Songkhram – Bang Nok Khwaek Route, passing the Church of the Virgin Mary, cross the Bang Nok Khwaek Bridge and then turn right onto an access road for 500 meters.

Wat Chulamani
Wat Chula Mani is located on Highway 325 (Samut Songkhram – Bang Phae) between Km 34-35 in Tambon Bang Chang. This ancient temple sits on the bank where the Amphawa Canal connects with the Phi Lok Canal. The temple was built in the Ayutthaya period during the late reign of King Prasatthong. It was presumed that Thao Kaeophaluek (Noi), Mistress of the Bang Chang Market and a forebear of the royal lineage of Bang Chang, built the temple. The back of the temple was initially the residence of Khun Nak (Queen Ammarinthramat of King Rama I) and Khun Bunrot (Queen Si Suriyenthramat of King Rama II).