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Policies for preventing global warming

We are fully aware of sustainable development travel as well as preventing global warming, so we have policies and enforcement for our managements and staff in written document to support our strong will. What have we already done and still continue doing.

  • Training staff to protect environment
  • Use environmental friendly cleaning products
  • Support local food and offer healthy menu
  • Stop using nearly extinct seafood
  • Choose only plants that grow well in our environment
  • Use environmental friendly products in guest rooms
  • Use gardening products that are environmental friendly
  • Grow own organic vegetable and use seafood from own farm
  • Control and analyze our energy consumption on monthly basis
  • Use low energy consumption light bulbs in public area and guest rooms
  • Use central switch in guest rooms
  • All electrical devices use low energy consumption
  • Use water control valves with shower and faucet
  • Use low water consumption toilet (2 buttons)
  • Use low water consumption washing machine
  • Use water from the river and collect rain for gardening and cleaning
  • Separate wastes for recycle including ink cartridge, batteries, papers, bottles, plastics, and metal
  • Recycle wastes from the garden